sanrio shrine!!


my love for sanrio!!

sanrio has been an interest of mine since my early childhood!! i could literally go on for hours just spewing out random facts and info abt characters. I have a few of the games on my ds!! I have hello kitty birthday adventures (my fav!!), hello kitty party, hello kitty and friends!! i've been trying to get more sanrio games 4 my ds cause they are all so cute!! hello kitty birthday adventures is my fav cause it has so many characters that don't rlly get a lot of attention!! such as corocorokuririn, pochi, deery lou, den den, and usahana!! it has the cutest minigames for them :DD I have played that game for hoursss. I also rlly like collecting sanrio merch especially plushies!! I have such a soft spot for plushies in general so I literally am overjoyed when i get sanrio plushies!! my fav sanrio plushie i own is this super cute cinnamoroll plushie in a bunny costume!! he is literally the cutest!! hehe sorry most of this is def just ranting but yeah!!!

my fav sanrio characters!!


usahana is my top fav sanrio character ever!! i know sooo many random facts abt herr which i am going to tell now... she dreams of being a ballerina and even has her own short series called usahana dreaming ballerina!! super cute show!! she has a super cute dancing mini game in hello kitty party!! she's such a good dancer i love her smm! she also rlly likes baking!! she has a baking minigame in hello kitty birthday adventures which is also my fav minigame it's super cute!!! her fav sweeet is orange sherbet!! i rlly rlly wish there was more merch of her! i fell in love with usahana when i first saw her in hello kitty party!! she is so bright and colorful and a super cute character in general!! she is def a super underrated bunny character in sanrio.

my sweet piano!!

my sweet piano, or just piano, is my second fav sanrio character!! she is my melody's best friend!! unfortunately she doesn't rlly show up to much in any of the games i own :( she does show up however in onegai my melody!! i've been planning to watch it for a while but i'm super bad abt putting things off smh... but anyways she can't speak and communicates thru sheep noises!! there is actually some merch of her I have :DD i have these super cute containers with her on my melo on them and then this super super cute eyeshadow palette!!

little twin stars!!

little twin stars is another one of my main favs!! lala is my fav from them both!! lala is the older sister and she loves drawing, writing poems, and cooking! kiki is the younger brother and he loves star fishing and inventing things!! they have super cute minigames in all of the ds games i own! their birthday is on christmas eve also!! i learned that from hello kitty birthday adventures hehe thats my personal fav game they appear in. kiki and lala are rlly close with each other and are always playing together!! kiki always looks out for lala and makes it his job to protect her!! which i find super sweet! lala worries abt kiki a lot since kiki has a v curious personality which sometimes puts him in dangerous situations. i have this super cute eyeshadow palette and lip mousse (which unfortunately looks bad on me) with them on it!! the eyeshadow palette is literally heavenly i love it sm its so glittery!! me and my friend like to match with them a lot!! i'm lala and felix is kiki!!

sanrio graphics!!