hii!! my name's ratthew!! some basic info abt me: my pronouns are they/it, i'm nonbinary, i'm a highschooler, and my birthday is july 26th!! i'm rlly not all too sure what to put here i don't even know who i am sometimes smh... but uh yeah!! if you have any questions abt me feel free to leave a comment in my chatbox!! I hope you enjoy your stay here!! below is a picture i drew of me!! yes i have the lain haircut... chronically obsessed with lain...

interests loves hates
lain!!! my bf!! my food touching
the beatles!! my friends!! loud noises
clarence!! drawing!! baked beans...
machine girl!! rats!! bugs.. (scary)
sanrio!! music!! heat
movies!! games! cringe culture
bones!! pasta!! flavored water
my little pony!! plushies!! ?

where else to find me!!

disc: ratthew#5530


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characters I kin!

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fav music artists!!

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fav movies!!

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hehe me and my bf made in chanrio!