lain shrine!!


my love for sel

lain has been a big interest of mine for quite a while!! i could go on so many rants about lain when the time comes... I know way too much... like i watch those explanation videos in my free time to absorb the knowledge. my brain is like a big ass sponge and lain is the water (this is so dumb omg). i've watched the sub version many times!! i refuse to watch the dub version bc why the fuck did they change arisu's name to alice??? it peeves me so bad. anyways here's a link to the sub version (the dub versions also on here if u prefer it!!)!! since i can never find it on youtube smh... i'm currently playing the ps1 game!! it's so interesting so far and I can't wait to finish itt. unfortunately i already know the ending but it's alrighttt. the game is so so cool I advise you play it if u loved the show!! just keep in mind it's kind of like an alternate univerese type thing so like the story doesn't align with the show. you can find the instructions to download it here! if you have any confusion with downloading it feel free to message me!! i know it can be a bit confusing it took me like forever to finally get it to work since the instructions aren't too helpful.

me with my lain haircut lol

pls take good care of lain for me!!

lain graphics i found on the net!!