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song for the day: starships (pachelbel - canon in d version) - nicki minaj



song for the day: cold air - mitski

yesterday... my bf was being EVILL!!!!!!!!! he kept beating up these horse figurines in 4h... they were just being cute and living their own lives!! and then when i made them kiss he started hitting them... once he stopped being evil... we both took one horse and now we have matching horse figurine,,, named mine cold air for obvious reasons,,, also like yesterday was p good idk why thats the most memorable thing for me lmao. school always kinda sucks up until lunch but after school 4h is always nice :))


song for the day: woman - john lennon

sorry for not updating much!! been a bit busy with so many birthdays (for some reason like a lot of me, my family, and one of my friends birthday are all in july.) and then ofc school starting. school has been kinda awful lol. all of my friends + a few random people have been making fun of my new style. i've been dressing in vintage fashion mainly from the 1950's bc my bf has gotten me into it recently and i feel rlly pretty dressing vintage :) but literally ALL of my friends but two have been making fun of me. like i get their mostly joking but it's kinda hurtful lol. "you look like a teacher" "you look like an accountant" "can you be my lawyer" OR JUST STRAIGHT UP LAUGHING AT ME??? oh my god i feel awful lol. and like... it's just clothes. i'm still me i think,,, whatever it makes me happy and I love wearing vintage with joseph it's the best :DD


song for the day: fukkireta - kasane teto

todays my sisters bday!! it's funny she's 10 years younger than me but her bday is 2 days before mine. we're probably going to go to goats on the roof!! it's this cool place with goats we always go to for her bday ALSO I FINALLY GOT THE CHRISTMAS PAINT BRUSH FOR MY ZAFARA :DDDDDDDDD


song for the day: till there was you - peggy lee

today was the best!!!!! i got to see my bf AAA!! I love him so so so much omg omg it was a pool party it was so fun! i feel so happyyyy i got home and immediately got in bed, put on his playlist, and cuddled the stuffed animal he gave me :DD and i get to see him again for my birthday!!!!! can't wait can't wait omg


song for the day: what you're doing to me - duster

today was shit but going on neocities always makes me feel better!! :)


song for the day: ambrosia in the bitter world - coma cinema

got to go on a date with my bf a while ago!! i'm so so so happy it's the first time i've got to see him in 1-2 months. he was in connecticut for a while. and i'll get to see him again in 3 days i'm so excited!! it's a pool party for the robotics club we're in but i uhhh can't swim lmao... anyways rewatching but im a cheerleader and coding i forgot how funny this movie was


song for the day: nancy - frank sinatra

yesterday was my mom's birthday so sorry for not being very active or updating much!! anyways today just missing my bf smmm he fell asleeeep we r both sleepyheads... so just listening to his playlist and thinking of himmmm while i work on my site!!


song for the day: birthday cake - cibo matto

catbox.moe is down rn for whatever reason and i'm so pissed abt it i use it to host all of my files for winamp and now ofc its not working idk if this is just me but i am sooo fucking pissed i hope they fix it later idk ok i dont think its just me cause other ppl with winamps r like not working and i assume they use catbox since its a common place for hosting files i'm just going to try to work on my site and chill


song for the day: que sera sera - doris day

today's been pretty good!! slept most of the day though ngl hehe but the time i've been awake has been good!! need to get to work on mysite though!! been procastinating smh... oh and it's ringo starr's bday!! hehe did this for his birthday... that's the little ringus my friend made and fucked up so i stole it when i went to their house...


song for the day: lains theme - reichi nakaido

today is lain iwakura's bday!! happy bday lain!!! i love her sm!! she's my highest kin ever i am literally lain... I have her haircut as well (i'm a nerd i know...) i am number one lain luvr. prob going to work on her shrine today since it's her bday!! or maybe i'll rewatch the show :00 whoo knowsss... ok it is decided! I am going to watch sel while i code muhehehe i am literally lain! going to watch the dub ver since i watched sub last time. will be updating as i watch!! I FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET WINAMP ON MY SITE I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY I'M LIteRALLY KICKING MY FEET FLAPPING MY ARMS AROUND AND SQUEALING AHHHHH TH TEH LINK TO LEARN HOW IS HERE TYSM SUNNY AAAAAAAA


song for the day: the tender trap - bing crosby

today was decent! normal ups and downs yk just rlly been working on my site a lot today! i'm so so bad at coding ( i think i'm getting better though!! i think..?) but this is rlly so fun for me and I also have like... nothing better to do. trying to figure out what to do for the layouts for all of my pages like i want them to all be different but like same format yk? made a p cool like entering page though!! p proud of that it's like a sort of like visual novel format, I thibk it's prtty cool but I find it a bit boring like I feel like it doesn't represent my site well and ppl might not enter. I probaly will either revamp it or just completely change it. i'm not rlly sure yet we will see... anyways going to prob work on my sanrio shrine now!! not rlly going in any specific order for making pages more of just doing whichever i feel like.


song for the day: drive it all over me - my bloody valentine

todays been pretty good! i mean for the two hours i've been awake i somehow slept from 9 am to 6 pm?? nice sleep though i had a sweet dream about my bf!! probably just going to spend most of the day working on my site tbh